Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update July 30 2013

AEGY 0.0014: Our new long term play, we hope for a NTEK repeat that ran over 20,000% from our 0.0006 alert back in December. This stock has bunch research behind it. Check our VIP twitter for a link to the lander page that has massive research posted. AEGY is involved in the multi billion dollar marijuana business. VISA and MASTER CARD have refused to become a payment solution for the marijuana industry, well this leaves a great opportunity for AEGY to capitalize. AEGY using its website and mobile application combined with Simple Prepay can become the center of all transactions in the USA involving legal marijuana. While the federal government frowns on this marijuana movement, State laws are becoming more open minded and as time goes by more and more states are making it legal. AEGY has announced in a filing they will change its name to PharmaJanes soon. Alerted at 0.001 this stock closed at high of the day of 0.0015, a nice start to something that could become a HUGE runner. We strongly advice members to use their networking skills and to spread this stock to Forums, Chat rooms, Social media ETC..

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