Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update July.10.2013

SNRY 0.0008: We mentioned this stock at 0.0007, recently the stock has once again hit highs of 0.0016. Recently this stock has done a pull back to 0.0008, PSW members could perhaps find a second opportunity for a rinse and repeat type pattern.

TLFX 0.001: This stock is in the right sector and the right time. TLFX is a extremely thin stock and with this low float it could move very easily provided interest would pick up.
NOHO 0.001: This stock recently mentioned by PSW at 0.001, NOHO recently bought out SNRY which is the medical marijuana business. This could signal that NOHO could get involved in this sector in a more proactive way. This stock could break out in the weeks ahead.

NTEK 0.106: Our number one penny stock in 2013 is NTEK. We mentioned this stock in December 2012 stating it was a special long term holiday play at 0.0006, recently this stock hit an intra day high of of 0.132 that's over 20000% in gains from our stock mention. NTEK is our number one stock of 2013.