Friday, 12 July 2013

Penny Stock Whispers VIP Update July 12 2013

SNRY 0.0006: We mentioned this stock at 0.0007, recently the stock has hit highs of 0.0016. Recently this stock has done a pull back to 0.0006 on the intra day chart. Right now we are issuing a hold on this stock until we see a clear buy signal.. This stock could provide an opportunity for a rise and repeat type move so members can profit for a second time. Watch for increased interest and volume.

TLFX .0013: This stock now at .0013 cents and has offered multiple scalp opportunities from .0008 cents lows. With a Summer season now here some of these stocks may see minimal movement however we expect that to change in coming months. Watch for a major rally at some point in the coming days or weeks ahead.

NOHO 0.0008: This stock recently mentioned by PSW at 0.001, NOHO recently bought out SNRY which is the medical marijuana business. This stock has recently done a slight pull back as impatient investors sold. This stock is in the hot sector of marijuana and with any interest this low share structure OTCQB stock can surge to a higher price.

NTEK 0.10: Our number one penny stock in 2013 is NTEK. We mentioned this stock in December 2012 stating it was a special long term holiday play at 0.0006, recently this stock hit an intra day high of of 0.132 that's over 20000% in gains from our stock mention. NTEK is our number one stock of 2013.

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