Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update July 17 2013

TLFX .0009 the stock offering rinse and repeat levels and with the low ss, still feel this stock will hold and give a solid bounce and profitable opportunity. TeleFix Communications to Attend 16th Annual Government Procurement Conference
Take a Look at the latest news :  Contractors cash in on Cyber surveillance Jun 20, 2013 Report

NOHO 0.001: The stock continues sideways as investors wait for more news from the company. The chart is showing a bottom and with increases interest this stock could really start to move. The stock gave VIP members opportunity to accumulate as low as 0.0007. With pending news and increased investor interest we believe these are excellent catalysts for a major move

NTEK 0.0975: Our number one penny stock in 2013 is NTEK. We mentioned this stock in December 2012 stating it was a special long term holiday play at 0.0006 giving those who follow us over 20,000% in gains from our original entry. This stock continues to garner increased investor interest and with news and hype could break the 20 cent resistance levels.

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