Thursday, 18 July 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update July 18 2013

NOHO 0.00017: It seems the potential for this stock is spreading and as investors grow there interest for this stock, so does a appreciation in stock value. We saw lots of volume on the last trading day, closing in the high of day of 0.0017 we find thisextremely bullish. We could see more gains for this stock as word starts to spread among investors. Members are encouraged to use your networking skills and to spread the good word about this stock in chat rooms, forums and the social networks etc...

EGOH .0005: this oil stock released news 2 days ago and tested the .0006 level today had some volume and with accumulation and updates could retest the .0022 level the oil stock traded at .01 for some time , could be a risk reward here garnering support at the 50 MA .0004. This stock is currently on our watch list, if members find this stock of interest and want to make a entry we advice 0.0003-0.0004 levels will make a great entry.

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