Friday, 19 July 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update July 19 2013

NOHO 0.00013: This stock mentioned to PSW VIP members at 0.0011 gave opportunity to accumulate shares as low as 0.0007, recently the stock has posted gains of 0.002 giving a great opportunity here to profit. Currently the stock is in consolidation phase, with recent news and growing interest this stock could break its recent highs and go to new heights.
EGOH .0004: With a new CEO comes a new direction for this company. This one requires patience and to accumulate in the 0.0003-0.0004 area. With oil prices going up this could be a good capitalist for price appreciation.


2 of our seasoned members have brought us 2 plays that provided opportunity to profit.

HVYW: mentioned in our chat room by one of our seasoned members at 0.002, saw recent highs of 0.0042 providing opportunity to profit over 100%.

SEEK: Mention in our chat room at 0.0007 by our other seasoned investor at 0.0007 reaching highs of 0.0022 on the last trading day giving opportunity to profit over 200%.

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