Sunday, 7 July 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update July.7.2013

TCPS .012- This stock now in the consolidation phase once again but could see a move to .05 to .10 cents on pending news/ filings in the coming days or weeks ahead. The stock has been quite the runner recently paving well over 750% in potental gains when it hit a high of .0689 cents since our recent sub penny Alert. TCPS, with its low float, pending 8K filings and multiple news along with its LYCON (TM) Semi Conductor Chip, 8 PATENTS and Assets valued at over $75 million dollars could be perhaps our biggest play ever. We would like to see a near term target of about .05 to .10 cents to hit in the coming days or weeks ahead. Remember to TRADE SMART and lock profits when possible.

TLFX .0013 the stock slowly growing a bid and holding the .001 level since Jun 10. This is a low ss stock in a big market sector and with the accumulation continuing I firmly believe this is a stock to hold for the long term potential. This mentioned at buy zones and still holding levels with the Level 2 thin any buying pressure could send this stock much higher. As mentioned in the past with other stocks the patience holding at master supports usually pay off at some point , PSW believes this stock has meaty due diligence that at some point should garner the much needed attention of investors. 

NTEK .123: Our #1 Penny Stock Alert of the year surged to an impressive intraday high of .123 cents during Friday's trading session posting well over 20,000%+ in potential gains from our .0006 cents Alert back in December. The stock continues to see heavy accumulation and closed at a bullish .123 cents during Friday's trading session. NTEK continues to be our #1 Penny Stock of 2013 as it continues to garner major investor interest. Based on our extensive due diligence conducted along with regular company updates and increased investor interest, we believe NTEK could very well see a major rally up to the $1 dollar range or better for the long term over the next 12 to 24 months. 

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