Thursday, 1 August 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update Aug 1 2013

AEGY 0.0032: Our new long term play, we hope for a NTEK repeat that ran over 20,000% from our 0.0006 alert back in December. Today this stock had a nice bullish day with just shy of 208 million in volume and up 146% on the day and over 200% from our 0.001 entry that was mentioned only to our VIP-GOLD members. The chart shows a nice long white candle stick and the trading on the level 2 seems to be much thinner. We expect news to be out soon and as per filing we know a name change is pending. Members as always should be spreading this stock in chat rooms, forums, social network ETC. As a team we go forwards and as our reputation grows so does our stock picks and the gains we make.

Chat Room Play:

AENG:  Mentioned at 0.005 by one of our members, the stock did a easy double for just over 100%.

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