Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Trading Review for March.9.2011.

Today was a very exciting day as we alerted  PUPS as our momo alert for today and we saw it going from 0.0015 to 0.0033. Over 100 % gains once again strengthening our members portfolios.

We also alerted a stock MGRN not to long ago at 0.0004 and it reached 0.0007 a day after our alert up 75% from when we alerted it. We are getting lots of thank you E-Mails and we are very happy to hear from all of you and we are very excited about the future of  Penny Stock Whispers. We welcome all forms of traders to join our Penny Stock Whispers family.  

We have a hot alert for this Friday at 3:00pm via twitter and E-Mail so stay tuned members. Penny Stock Whispers is really excited about our next alert. That's it for tonight members. Enjoy the rest of your night.