Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Trading Review for March.1.2011.

Alerted by us via twitter at 0.0003 
Just like the company name suggests this investment was indeed a opportunity for many of our members today who made a entry in this stock from our alert via twitter at 0.0003. This stock didn't take long and in the same day it reached 0.0006 giving our members 100% in profits once again strengthening our members investment portfolio and giving our members something to smile about. We are extremely happy about that.

Strategic Management & Opportunity Corp.

Phone: 800-513-6947

Strategic Management and Opportunity Corporation is an internet enterprise that is developing a unique platform that allows for end to end sales to production integration for online video production and distribution on the internet. Our platform is able to service the Internet Yellow Page Publishers, independent advertising and marketing platforms, local search and destination websites, newspaper sites, radio station sites and coupon provider wetes

EYSM alerted by us at 0.002 via twitter

We called this investment not to long ago at 0.002 and today it reached a new high of 0.0048. After that we saw lots of profit taking which naturally decreased the stock value bringing it to a day time low of 0.0024. EYSM has closed at 0.003. As the old shareholders sell into the profit taking it is our opinion that a new breed of shareholders are entering EYSM creating a new support level. It is our opinion after the consolidation phase is over we will see this stock heading towards newer highs breaking the 0.0048 levels. We remain extremely bullish about this stock.