Monday, 7 March 2011

MGRN 0.0004

We alerted this investment at 0.0004 today. After closing today at 0.0005 we got a call from our stock chart specialist and he has informed us that base on the chart this investment is setting up for a big run. The oil shortage fears continues to spread due to the current crisis in the middle east and it is our opinion that oil will continue on its current upward trend and MGRN will share in that trend as well. This company has chosen the perfect time to wake itself up. We noticed that a quaterly report has not been filled since FEB.2009 and recently on the date of FEB.8.2011 they just released a quartly report followed by a press release exactly one day after. This is the first tail tail sign that a company has awakened itself and is looking to boost itself going forward. In the press release the company has stated that the level of transparency has increased. We also noticed that the asset class for the company has become $2,276,505 looking at the quartly report. These are all good signs.

Here is news from Feb.11.2011 that you will find interesting
"This is a new year for the company and we realize the importance of keeping our shareholders aware of our current operations and that most certainly includes financial information. In order to enhance our shareholders decision making ability we will be continually working towards increasing our transparency. While we are very busy at the moment lining up deals and executing our operations we will be devoting time over the next few weeks to prepare an Initial Disclosure Document for our shareholders which will give them the specific details on our company which they have been waiting for. Once this is completed we will be submitting it to OTC Markets with the expectation of moving the company up to the Current Information Tier."

Monogram Energy, Inc.

Monogram Energy, Inc. is an independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, development, and exploitation of oil and gas properties. The Company specializes in acquiring oil & gas leases with proven reserves that have the potential for increased production