Thursday, 17 March 2011

Trading Review for March.17.2011.

Hello members we hope all of you are well. It has been a crazy few weeks for traders as the up-rise in the middle east continue and recently the devastation that has fallen on Japan in 3 terrifying waves. The first wave was the earth quakes. The 2nd wave was the tsunami that followed. The 3rd and many hope to be the final wave is the continued nuclear saga. 6 nuclear plants having problems and some even leaking radiation due to a reactor melt down. Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan. These events currently unfolding is unreal. For these events all happening at the same time is truly bad timing from a investors point of view. In these markets we are finding it harder to turn a profit but our experts have come with 3 picks this week and all 3 are winners. We are very happy about that and in this current state of the economy we are very impressed with our experts. Here are the 3 stock picks that we alerted.

EFIR: We once again alerting this stock as a potential momo alert due to the fact that we have been hearing a lot of whispers about this company. We alerted this stock as a MOMO alert today via twitter at 0.0019 and it hit a high of 0.0027 on the Intra-day charts on the same day which gave us and our members extra liquidity to work with. Both times we've alerted this stock this month has been a success.

SLRW: We called this stock as a potential multi-day runner at 0.0009 a few trading days ago and today it hit a high of 0.0015 on the Intra-day chart once again strengthening our members portfolios.

APCX: We called this stock at 0.001 yesterday during trading hours and it hit a Intra-day high of 0.0013 yesterday then making a pullback at 0.001 and again going to 0.0013 today. Here at Penny Stock Whispers we believe having shares for long term while flipping at the same time is best. So basically we keep 50% of our shares for long term and another 50% for flipping, we make 20-30% each day in effect earning free shares.We remain extremely bullish about this company, over all we had a extremely good day with all our picks in the green.

That's it for today members. Enjoy the remainder of your day.