Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Trading Review for March.16.2011.

SLRW: Alerted by us via twitter at 0.0009 and currently at 0.0012. We believe this is a good play and the chart has bottomed out. Nice bid support and value is increasing nice and slowly. Today's trading action showed lots of accumulation as smart money continues to flow into this company. As the crisis in Japan continues this company is well positioned itself to be involved in the water clean  up efforts.

Solarbrook Water Co
SolarBrook Water and Power Corporation, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, maintains a core focus of seeking out synergistic acquisitions that will provide capital appreciation and income for its portfolio companies. The mission of SolarBrook is to acquire and develop innovative technologies and businesses that will improve the quality of water throughout the world by means of detection, treatment and removal of contaminants. SolarBrook also seeks to provide integrated clean power alternatives for remote and off-grid systems, further expanding market potential.

March .2.2011- The company announced the completion of two projects in Wake County, North Carolina. One was the Wake County Eagle Ridge system upgrade, and the other was the nearby Wake County Indian Creek Overlook project. Both were completed within the anticipated timeframe and budget

Additionally, Solarbrook has signed on two new distributors, AquaMag, and MeM Water to assist with company expansion, AquaMag, which utilizes proven technologies to remove clay, silt, municipal waste, metal precipitates, oil, grease, inorganic waste and animal waste from water, will be used for liquid separation processing. Also, MeM Water has been brought on to expand the push into the potable water field. MeM water designs water bagging systems for use in the US, and overseas. 

APCX: We believe today's pullback is a perfect time to make a entry in this stock. Lots of eyes on on this one and it is our opinion that at the current price of 0.001 this stock stands to be very undervalued. Massive accumulation has been taking place and we believe it is only a matter of time before this investment reaches it's true potential.
AppTech Corp

App Tech is in the business of developing mobile applications for international markets throughout the world. App Tech is focused on multi platform apps designed to run on device operating systems such as Apple I-Phone, Google Android, Research In Motion, Microsoft Mobile, Palm, the O-Phone in China, and others.

Since the inception of Apple’s App Store, users have downloaded over 2 billion applications, or apps, creating massive demand for applications on multiple platforms. The App Store has proven a major market exists for mobile computing. However, a universal marketplace has not yet been created to meet the demands of both consumers and developers on operating systems of all kinds, including Google Android, Apple iPhone, RIM operating systems, Palm operating systems, and the new China based oPhone operating system.

MGRN: We continue to be very impressed with this company. Today healthy trading took place. We also noticed that today the pinksheet updated the company to current information which is a very big deal for us. This company is in the perfect industry at the right time. We continue to be very bullish with this company and it is our opinion that some form of big news will be out that will shock everyone. We originally alerted this stock at 0.0004 and we believe the consolidation period is over.