Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Trading Review for March.14.2011.

We alerted this stock not to long ago via at 0.0005 and after making our re buy call at 0.0005 once again. This stock went to high of 0.0011 giving our members over 100%  in profits. We are very happy with this trade.

We alerted this stock via twitter at 0.0004 and today it give our members over 200%  in gains reaching highs of 0.0014 and finally consolidating in the 0.001 range with record breaking volume in terms of share price. Lots of money is going into this stock and it is our opinion that this story is not even close to being over. With the current oil trend pointing upwards in terms of price it is our opinion that investors should keep a close eye on MGRN.