Monday, 28 February 2011

Trading review for Feb.28.2011

PFNO : Today we here at Penny Stock Whispers decided to have a small party after we finish up with our whispers BLOG right now. First of all PFNO shocked many today. We alert this stock few trading days ago at 0.0006 via twitter and today it reached a high of 0.0024 bringing our members 300% in profits. Just as we suspected the oil fever is spreading and fear of a oil shortage in the middle east due to the uprising that has been taken place currently has investors rushing to get a early position in Oil and Gas investments.

KING : We also have raised awareness about KING not to long ago believing it to make big gains due to the oil hype and surely enough today we saw KING going up 50% from our early call at 0.001. KING closed in the HOD at 0.0015 and we are extremely pleased with KING. It is our opinion that KING will continue on its uptrend in the days/weeks to come.

EYSM : This investment did not surprise us at all in fact we where shocked that it didn't go higher today until we got a call from our stock chart analyst specialist who has said today's trading is extremely bullish and he expects continued healthy movements for this stock in the future. We here at Penny Stock Whispers are extremely happy. We informed people about EYSM at 0.002 and today it reached a high of day at 0.0042. We continue to be very bullish about this stock.