Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Recap for Feb,18,2011 and Feb 22.2011

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a great long weekend. Lets start our recap with PWLK. This stock was alerted via twitter at 0.0012 on Friday and it reached a high of 0.0016 giving members extra liquidity to work with. It was a one day MOMO alert and us here at Penny Stock Whispers love fast money. Our next alert on Friday was PPBL which was alerted at 0.035. We were happy to see that it reached a high of  0.043 today giving us and our members a profitable way to start the trading week. At the start of trading today we alerted APTD at 0.0008 and it currently sits at 0.0009. We expect greater potential to come for this stock. It is our opinion that quite accumulation is going on with APTD and the price was kept down deliberately so that certain parties could accumulate on a lower prices. Later today we alerted EYSM at 0.002 as a long term play but later in the day we decided to alert members to sell and by back on the lows. EYSM still in play and we can't wait for it's potential to be awakened. We also alerted NAWL at 0.0004 near the end of last week and today it reached a high of 0.0007 giving our members 75% profits in only a few trading days.That's it for now folks. Enjoy the rest of your day.