Thursday, 24 February 2011

Review for Feb.24.2011

Hello members and I hope you are all doing well. Today was a good day in general and if you followed our trading pattern you would have been in the green for today's trading session. First we picked up on a stock HRTE. We called this stock at 0.044 and it went up to 0.046 and made a pull back and based on the indicators and trading that was going on we quickly knew it was time to get out and informed our members of that fact informing them that we are selling our stock at the same price be bought it at 0.044. This stock just did not have the steam it needed to gain traction. No loss but the commission and we are happy about that fact. Currently HRTE sits under at 0.043. We then alerted members about BGOI at 0.0015. Not much time passed before we saw our investment grow. BGOI closed at 0.0027 bring us and our members  close to 100 percenet in profits. At this stage in the game we believe it is time to take money off the table but we also believe that BGOI might hit a high of 0.0033 tomorrow before making it's pull back at which time we might make a re-entry. EYSM continues to impress us and it still remains our long term play. Please note that we have no idea what members think about us. Members seem to profit and forget about PennyStockWhispers. Please go to our home page and leave us feedback under our testimonials tab. We would love to hear from you. That's it for tonight members.