Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Feb.23.2011 Trading review.

Well folks we had some nice gainers today  EYSM give us nice profits HOD 0.0033. VCTY was called yesterday at 0.0013 and we stated that a exit at 0.0016-0.0018 is ideal. VCTY HOD was at 0.0016. CBIS was called today at 0.11 HOD was 0.137 same day. IMTS wow what a monster. Called at 0.0015 HOD 0.007. For the newbies HOD stands for high of the day. We  usually get thank you E-Mails and we sure got alot of them today with our IMTS alert but we would wish that some our members would comment on our testimonials sections of our site to futher instill confidence in the people that are standing in the sidelines and watching while we make our trades. We will also be opening a new section in our site under the tab T-Record standing for trade record. We will post historical data on our calls and how high the stock went for every month to futher instill confidence in our non members and also so that our members have a record of all the Penny Stock Whispers stock picks. All which can be confirmed from our twitter alerts and please feel free to keep your own records and compare it to ours at the end of the month. We are having great profits here and we look forward to our trading day tomororw. That's all for tonight members. I would like to wish all of our Whispers members a good night.