Friday, 25 February 2011

Review for Feb.25.2011

Todays trading action was pretty slow but we are happy that profits were made and nothing was lost. We first called BYSD at 0.0025 and within a short time it hit a HOD of 0.0033 giving our members desent gains. Then after a pull back again we alerted the same stock at 0.0023 and it made a small move giving us another road of desent gains at 0.0027. We would like to remind our members 3 principles that are important to us. The first and foremost is to help our members to do well in daily trading activities. Second of all is our credibility. Third of all we believe that proper record keeping is key to instill further confidence in our followers and boost our credibility. So we will shortly create a T-Record section of our site in which we will keep a history of our stock picks that we have made for every month of the year. We will state our alert price and how high the stock went after we alerted it. This will allow us and our members to keep track of our preformance. We also alerted today EMXC at 0.0009 and today it closed at 0.001. We beleive greater gains for this undervalued stock in the future.