Monday, 28 January 2013

NTEK (NanoTech Entertainment, Inc.) 0.0008 to 0.201

NTEK (NanoTech Entertainment, Inc.) 0.0201 

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We alerted this stock at 0.0008 as a special holidays play. We stated that the greater rewards will be achieved in early 2013. From then on the stock has had a bombardment of press releases. The stock has closed at a high of day of 0.0201 signaling a strong bullish trend. Many investors have just now understood the value of this stock and its greater future potential. Some have stated this stock could hit a price anywhere from 25 cent to even 1 dollar. The shares are traded very thin on the level 2 quotes and it seems to us (Penny Stock Whispers) that NTEK is not engaged in any forms of dilution currently. This is a clean company looking to expand and grow at a rapid rate. We expect the press release bombardment to continue in a timely manner keeping investors well informed .

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