Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Recap Of CGUD

Notice: Penny Stock Whispers will be having a NEW ALERT very soon! So how do you play these alerts and what are your options? Did you know that Penny Stock Whispers has 2 levels of memberships? A FREE service and a VIP service. Let me give you a example with our last Alerts CGUD and the difference between FREE and VIP memberships. Take a look at the chart below.
As you can see VIP members make more then the free members. Penny Stock Whispers is growing fast and you don't want to be left behind.
For anyone thinking of becoming a VIP member here are the services we provide.
(1). Full support to our members.
(2). Red hot stock alerts offered at a better entry.
(3). Private Chat room so members can get live help. No one should trade alone.
(4). We send these alerts via e-mail, SMS (text messaging), twitter and  Chat room.
(5). We provide a full investors report in the form of a newsletter so members can get all the information they need right in their figure tips to make an informed investment decision.
For a limited time Penny Stock Whispers is offering VIP membership for $9.99 US per month. This is a no obligation membership with no term and anyone wishing to leave can do so at anytime.
Click here to sign up today and be in time for our next red hot stock alert! Sign up now today!
-Penny Stock Whisper