Friday, 1 February 2013

Update for NTEK and VDSC

NTEK 0.018: Originally alerted at 0.0008 by us to our VIP members and general public as a special holidays play. We stated that the big rewards would be reaped early 2013. Currently this stock has shown its powerful support when bouncing quickly back in the 2 cent range after impatient investors took profit on what could be the next legendary stock that currently has the potential of hitting anywhere between the $0.10-%0.30 price range. Perhaps even more as additional developments are arranged on a timely basis. Clearly the company wants a rapid rate of grown, Penny Stock Whispers finds NANOFLIX  very interesting and this could truly be the ace in the hole. We would like to note that today after hours we saw 7,313,448 shares being bought on a Form T order. At 2 cents that is over $146,000 dollar amount. That is a clear signal on its own on the possible direction this company could be heading towards in the future.

VDSC 0.0073: Originally alerted by us at 0.0008 to our VIP members and again at 0.001 to the general public. Since then the stock has seen highs of 0.0093 then pulling back as impatient investors took profits off the table which triggered a consolidation phase. We believe that this stock could follow the NTEK path and hit the multi penny range at the very least if the company presents a more transparent image to investors. We advise investors to keep a keen eye on this stock as we suspect the company will release an update soon. Currently the stock is trading around its current support levels as investors patiently await for news.

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