Friday, 8 November 2013

Penny Stock Whispers -PBHG- (Pbs Holding, Inc.) 0.093 Is Our Stock Pick NOV.8.2013

Our STOCK PICK IS.................
PBHG TARGET 1 dollars. This has the potential to be the next HUGE runner. This is a buy and hold play and has BIG potential !

Contact Info

    1322 Roundtable Drive
    Dallas, TX 75007
    Phone: 214-418-6940

Market Value1   $8,088,446      a/o Nov 07, 2013
Shares Outstanding      86,972,536      a/o Jun 30, 2013
Float   21,117,766      a/o Jun 25, 2013
Authorized Shares               750,000,000     a/o Jun 30, 2013
Par Value       0.001

PBHG is no longer involved in the drink industry, which indicates they have no relationship with Starfest Direct.

11/5: Clark Ortiz appointed CEO of the CompanyClark Ortiz Resume:

      - "It is rare to find a company with products of great assets in place but not utilized. In my decision to grow this company the deciding factor was the agreements presently in place that have not been placed in a profitable ability. I truly believe this company only needs a minor adjustment for a major growth," concludes Mr. Ortiz.

- PBS Holdings, Inc. holds a distribution agreement with select artists for paintings, prints, and sculptures. 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is presently engaged by PBS Holdings, Inc. to sell paintings, prints, and sculptures on a 3D format.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring major artworks available to consumers sold directly through their television sets and smart applications," said Mr. Clark Ortiz, Director and CEO of PBS Holdings, Inc.

~PBS Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: PBHG) is focused on the development, marketing and distribution of products and artwork to consumers. All the products are marketed through the home-based direct sales and via television stations and networks worldwide.

~ PBHG will emerge as the industrial or more tangible company regarding the offering of products. 3D art is just the beginning. "We will announce other products presently in development and revisiting several items within its holding today. These items will be reviewed and analyzed for relaunch or transformation," says Mr. Ortiz. We should expect PBHG to be involved in production development known as Pay Television. These productions will focus on direct sales, home shopping and infomercials over media properties.

-Lots of buying recently not much selling, shows a solid base formed
-OTC current information.
-Low floater can easily run.
-Investor chatter and buzz is picking up.

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