Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Penny Stock Whispers -BERI- (Blue Earth Resources, Inc.) 2.00 Is Our Stock Pick NOV.6.2013

Our STOCK PICK IS.................
BERI TARGET 15-30 dollars. This has the potential to be the next HUGE runner. Company is ready for rapid growth and to generate rapid income which will position them for an easy up-list to NASDAQ

This stock pick given to our followers at $1.80 saw over $22,000 worth of volume and a high of $3.25 and finally closing at $2.10 closing up %16.67 on the day. We saw very BULLISH news being released followed by an analyst upgrade to $4.58 per share. This new is worth repeating!

Blue Earth Resources, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Mansfield Spider Drilling Lease

"Blue Earth Resources, Inc. CEO John Lai has finalized details with the auditors and Blue Earth Resources, Inc. legal team by completing the merger of all assets of one of the most potentially profitable Oil and Gas leases in Mansfield, Louisiana. Blue Earth Resources, Inc. (BERI) now retains 100% working interest of the Spider Lease."

"BERI plans to release the details of the Mansfield lease as well as a detailed report of the existing wells on the property, along with the plans to drill additional wells in proven zones. BERI will be aggressively updating the market in an attempt to draw in long term and like-minded investors which will help us reach the Goals of the Blue Earth NASDAQ Initiative."

"BERI has acquired a large oil and gas lease which CEO Lai believes will propel BERI into a junior oil and gas company"

"we simply are bringing the oil production back to previous levels of production and to increase it with updated information now available." The field was shut down due to the decline of natural gas prices. Now armed with this new information, BERI can re-enter these existing wells and shoot the oil zones"

"Blue Earth Resources has a visionary plan to share with our investors that will take us far beyond the reach of the OTC-PINKSHEETS. Our Vision is Professionalism, Disclosure, and Success as a valued code of ethics practiced by Blue Earth Resources, Inc."

The company has added another lease and ready to start ramping up oil and natural gas production. The company is ready for rapid growth and a up-list to NASDAQ. Our target remains anywhere to $15-$30.

-Untapped Natural Gas well yet to be tapped.
-BERI is OTC current information.
-BERI has plans to up-list to NASDAQ.
-3 oil leases with over 14,000 wells already drilled for oil, gas and water.
-New leases recently acquired.
-Company is poised for rapid income generation.
-Company owns CamVacUSA which acquired the intellectual property for the fuel‐safe camera to visually inspect and clean underground fuel storage tanks.

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