Saturday, 8 June 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update June 8 2013

TCPS: This stock mentioned in our VIP chat room at 0.0009 saw huge gains in a short amount of time, as interest grew we saw gains of 0.06 +. That's well over 6000%, can you say wow!

MINE: This stock also saw some quick gains after it was mentioned to our VIP members at 0.0011, recently we've seen highs of 0.0033 giving our members opportunity of 200% in gains.

OTHM: We mentioned this stock to our VIP members at 0.0011 and once again saw quick gains of 0.003 in only a few trading days, that's 172% in gains.

NNAN: This stock was brought to our VIP members at 0.0011 and saw gains of 0.004. Although this stock took a few weeks I'm sure your average trader would agree it was worth the wait. These low floater stocks have been very thready recently.

EDXC: This stock brought to our VIP members at 0.0299 cent as a long term play saw highs of 0.20 recently, it was well worth the wait and proved to be a very nice hedge against more risky penny stocks.