Saturday, 15 June 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update June 15 2013

JRRD 0.0007: We mentioned this stock at 0.0006, since then we have seen highs of 0.0008 and lots of accumulation. The intra-day chart is showing a base being formed and with interest building for this stock we could see a break out soon, we've heard rumors of news pending and that could be the perfect cadilist.

NTEK 0.0315: We mentioned this stock in December 2013 at 0.0006, recently this stock has surged past the 3 cent mark bringing in huge gains for our members. Congratulations to those that made a huge profit in this stock!

PTAH 0.0006: This stock has recently gave out huge news regarding a 600% revenue surge which we believe was unexpected, this stock could be one of this undiscovered gems and with any real interest could surge.