Wednesday, 25 April 2012


1. Business Summary
QUINTEK TECHNOLOGIES INC (OTCBB: QTEK) is the only manufacturer of a desktop microfilm printer. The company currently sells hardware, software and services for printing
large format drawings such as blueprints and CAD files (Computer Aided Design) directly to microfilm. Quintek does business in the content and document management
services market, which IDC forecast to grow to $24 billion by 2006 at a combined annual growth rate of 44%. Quintek targets the aerospace, defense and AEC (Architecture,
Engineering and Construction) industries.
Quintek's printers are patented, modern, chemical-free, desktop-sized units with an average sale price of $50,000. Competitive products for direct output of computer files
to microfilm are more expensive, large, specialized devices that require constant replenishment and disposal of hazardous chemicals. For ten years, Quintek has been selling
its patented "Aperture Card" printers to Fortune 1000 customers such as Boeing, TRW, PG&E, Lockheed, Zenith, GTE, Westinghouse, Whirlpool and Federal and State customers
such as Caltrans, NASA and the U.S. Navy.
For more than 50 years, microfilm in the form of Aperture Cards, has been the easiest and most cost efficient method for transmitting and archiving large-format
engineering drawings. Since the 1990's, CAD technology has all but replaced traditional methods of drafting. With the arrival of low-cost digital imaging,
high-speed Internet and document management technologies, a common belief developed that the microfilming of engineering drawings would be completely
replaced by these new technologies. This has not been the case. Electronic Digital Imaging and Document Management are now mature technologies that are widely available.
However, there are some parts of the document lifecycle where Microfilm remains the most efficient and economical solution. Microfilm remains the best solution for archival
of large format drawings. Microfilm is cheaper, faster and more reliable than digital systems for distributing drawing revisions during manufacturing and construction.
2. Share Structure
Market Value1 $28,549 a/o Apr 20, 2012
Shares Outstanding 71,372,454 a/o Sep 29, 2004
Float Not Available
Authorized Shares Not Available
Par Value 0.001 
3. The par value is 0.001 and the stock is trading at 0.0005 now.
4. Look at their last revenues
Revenue:  $2,290,000.
Gross Profit:  $536,000.
Cash On Hand:  $60,990.
Full Time Employees: 19
5. The market cap is only $28,549. But the cash on hand is $60,900. Also they have 19 employees.
6. This is a clean sheel and any clean shell worths atleast $500,000. At Market cap of $500,000, the PPS should be atleast 0.007.
7. Any reverse merger clean shell with worth atleast $2m - $5m. That puts the PPS even higher at $0.04 range.