Tuesday, 3 April 2012

ALKN (Arlkane, Inc)

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  • 2205 York Road
  • Suite 14
  • Lutherville, MD 21093
Business Description
In the United States, some 10+ million vehicles, including diesel powered trucks, buses and boats consume 24 billion gallons of fuel at a cost of $50 billion annually. There are a variety of diesel additives to address one or more of the challenges common to diesel powered engines: fuel mileage, engine power, gelling, deicing, and engine wear. None, however, offers as comprehensive, cost-effective a solution as Monster Diesel(TM).

Alkane's first product, Monster Diesel(TM), is a patent pending total fuel additive that boosts diesel fuel's quality to premium levels and addresses all of a diesel engine's challenges, all in one product.

-Reduces diesel consumption by as much as 15%
-Boosts diesel fuel's energy by 10% for increased power and MPG
-Eliminates engine knock
-Lowers overall fuel emissions by 23%
-Reduces engine wear by as much as 40%
-Supplements fuel to make up for the low and ultra low sulfur diesel's loss in lubricity
-Provides corrosion control in the fuel system
-Winterizes diesel fuel to allow low temperature operation, eliminating the need for expensive #1 diesel to reduce gelling and deicing
-Changes the "black" exhaust to "white" by establishing and maintaining the original engine maker's fuel injection pattern to burn the fuel more completely
-Is so powerful that, when diluted with 250 gallons of diesel, it boosts the Cetane Number, the diesel equivalent to octane number for gasoline, by 12.5% (twice the boost of premium gas over regular)

Monster Diesel(TM) is a cost saving additive for truckers, boaters, farmers, bus operators and home owners who heat with oil. In addition it reduces harmful emissions and lessens U.S. dependence on foreign oil by effectively reducing fuel consumption.

Visit for additional product information, news and analysis, and information on how to order Monster branded products.

The company has zero dilution currently because the company just came out of bankruptcy. A company is not allowed to dilute when it comes out of bankruptcy. The company is currently restructuring its business and future business plan. The share structure is currently thin and they own Monster Diesal which is tied to DUCATI. Our latest play FLTT  was simular to ALKN and we all saw how well that did when it came out with news and a new business restructuring and plan.