Wednesday, 15 February 2012

KING (King Resources, Inc) 0.0004

KING:  We alerted this stock at 0.0004 awhile ago. Yesterday after awhile we seen a PR from the company which stated a merger is on the way and more news will be coming out in the future. The stock then surged from 0.0002 all the way to 0.0012 giving us 500% in gains. Today it consolidated to 0.0006 taking back some of it's gains but still holding on to some gains. Accumulation for this stock continues and we believe a PR campaign will be in effect very soon. Here are more details about the merger.

"After long talks with the President of The GridGrabber, Inc. ( ) Dennis Giancola and King Resources, Inc  ( have agreed to enter a Letter of Intent. KING has seen the finished product and the future marketing plans of "The GridGrabber" and is coming closer to completing the merger.
The Grid Grabber is a battery storage power which is inverted to 110v or 240v and is wired into a switched fuse panel, with the hydro on one side and "The GridGrabber" power on the other side. This was designed this way just in case there was a suspected problem the switch can easily be switched over to hydro so at no time is there a possibility that the consumer will ever be left with no power. The GridGrabber's" capabilities of supplying 7000 watts continuous and surges of 14000watts gives the consumer more than enough power to supply any household, and also more than enough power to supply a small to medium business. The Grid Grabber is designed to use power up during peak hours, and lets it replenish during "off-peak" hours. This technology is environmentally friends, reduces hydro bills and prevents black outs.

More updates will follow shortly including appointment of new directors and officers to KING board."

"KING is reducing share structure, will be a press release shortly in regards. "