Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Feb.27.2012 Trading Review

MDCE: We alerted this stock to our VIPGOLD members at 0.0013 on twitter and again to our free members at 0.0017. MDCE on the same day surged to 0.0032 giving our members respectable gains in one day. This stock could possibly be a multi-day runner.

KING: This stock has been our long term play from the start when we alerted it at 0.0004 and again at 0.0002. Company has 2 pending mergers with GridGrabber and a unknown mining company which will be the main company under the KING umbrella. KING has also pledged to make adequate disclosure and fill out legal papers so it can go current tier on pinksheets. We all saw how our past alert EVDR did when it went current tier. Surged from 0.0005 to 0.0036. We expect KING to follow the same path. Expect a lot of filings and news out of this company. The company closed at a strong 0.002 today.

MEXP: We alerted this stock in the 0.0007 and today reached a day time high of 0.0018. The company is ready to launch into the 7-seas and continue to look for underwater treasure. Before anyone laughs at the business module it should be noted that the company found 500 million dollars worth of Spanish gold coins under water. That is just value given to the weight of the Gold. Imagine the appraised value considering the coins are from 1804.

The money flow continues to flow into the penny stock world and we will continue to bring you the Whispers Before The Crowd!