Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Penny Stock Whispers -WSHE- (E-debit Global Corp. ) Is Our New Stock Pick 0.0012 JAN.15 2014

52 wk High .0114
52 wk Low 0.0007
20 MA Master Support .0007
Pivot Price .0014
52Wk Low
(+50%)Since 1/14/14
Average 3 month volume 2,220,069

This stock has LONG TERM POTENTIAL !

Contact Info
3620 - 29 th Street
 NE #12
Calgary, ALB Canada
 Phone: 403-290-0264

Share Structure
WSHE Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1    $288,042    a/o Jan 14, 2014
Shares Outstanding    320,046,834    a/o Jul 30, 2013
Float 53,892,168 a/o Dec 31, 2010
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Dec 31, 2010

Business Description

E-Debit Globals' subsidiary companies, process debit & credit transactions, deploy an ATM & POS network across Canada.Issue debit, pre-paid and loyalty cards, and continue to grow their presence in the F.I. Industry.

About E Global

Just like our hometown, we are constantly under construction. If you notice a few pages with little content, don't worry, it's on its way.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada E-Debit Global has a history originated on it's nationwide automated teller machine and point of sale networks. Powered by ACI Worldwide's On Demandâ"¢ Solution and its BASE24-epsâ"¢ payments platform of application software for the electronic payments marketplace, E-Debit Global provides one of technologies most advanced single source, end to end transaction and payment processing solutions in Canada.

One of eighty-three member organizations within the Canadian Interac Association, E-Debit Global securely acquires, authenticates, routes, switches, authorizes and settles financial transactions across multiple channels whether the choice of payment is gift card, debit or prepaid card or credit card. E-Debit's strategic focus is on delivering innovative transaction processing related products and solutions to empower both Cardholders and Merchants with access to the expanding world of internet e-commerce, card not present transactions and mobile commerce.

Key Points
-Chart showing bullish bottom reversal candle
-Watch the .0027 pivot break
-Recent filings and current OTCQB
-Low ss and Level 2 shows that could breakout with buy pressure
-Back in Aug 2012 rallied from .0008-.05 at same level now

This is a stock that is showing a bullish reversal tail one of the most bullish signals in trading, watch for the stock to post a size-able reversal. This could be one of those long term stocks that brings in big rewards.

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