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MHYS (Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co, Inc.)

MHYS (Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co, Inc.) .

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8899 Beverly Blvd.
Suite 700
West Hollywood, CA 90048

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Share Structure
Market Value1$317,359a/o Jul 03, 2012
Shares Outstanding332,100,000a/o Sept 4, 2012
FloatNot Available
Authorized Shares140,000,000a/o Sep 08, 2009
Par Value0.001
Shareholders of Record103a/o Mar 14, 2012

Mass Hysteria Entertainment is a new multi-media entertainment company created to produce feature films with an interactive component for the young adult market.
For more than a century, movies have been the premier form of entertainment, but the basic experience has not changed much over the years.  Although movie grosses are currently at record levels due to increased ticket prices, attendance is down by 3%.  Movie stars, the great insurance policy of the past, are not delivering today's young audience. 3D, the reason behind the increased ticket prices, is fun but already becoming commonplace.  In the corporate world, technology is the primary driver of progress, but so far the film industry has not found the in-road to harness its power. 

 At Mass Hysteria Entertainment, we believe our proprietary technical innovations to the theatrical experience will herald the next iteration of cinema for the 21st Century. 
Today's young moviegoers have insatiable viewing habits. Laptops and Smartphone's are their "always on" portals into social inter-connectivity, gaming, and movies.  These devices make movies available anytime and anywhere, rendering the theatre-going experience nearly obsolete.  Event films, like "Avatar," and "Alice in Wonderland" are certainly worth a trip to the multiplex, but the time and money needed produce those blockbusters are not practical as a scalable business model.

Mass Hysteria Entertainment plans to change the theatrical paradigm by producing an experience that is inexpensive to create and more fun in the theater than on a laptop.  The first stage of Mass Hysteria's blueprint is to transform the theatrical experience, from passive to engaged, by encouraging the audience to interact with the film through web-enabled smart phones offering a dynamic range of proprietary in-movie features including gaming, texting, contests and additional content. Our goal is to fully immerse the audience in our movie.

Mass Hysteria's core business will be built upon a suite of in-theatre innovations that will forever change the way an audience experiences movies.   These game changers will become the baseline for Mass Hysteria Cinema - the platform upon which we add, with each theatrical release, an array of new innovations, assuring a fresh, exciting experience for the audience every time they venture into a Mass Hysteria movie.

 This stock has recently saw some selling, this could very well be a "dump n run" type play. The stock on daily chart shows that on several occasions when the stock closed with a reversal tail, the stock later posted significant rallies

Key Points

-OTCQB Current and latest news as of Aug-Sep 2012

-Mass Hysteria has ties to big block buster movies like National Lampoons series starring Chevy Chase, Powder and Bobby

-The company has a movie set to release soon and starring  WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin

-Share structure recently updated Outstanding Shares ONLY 332 million

-This is a "TREND" stock and has strong support on the daily chart at .0005 , whenever the stock saw a reversal tail the stock had a significant rally