Friday, 22 June 2012

FMBV (Full Motion Beverage, Inc.)

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FMBV (Full Motion Beverage, Inc.)

 Contact Info
  • 270 Spagnoli Rd
  • Suite 107
  • Melville, NY 11747

Business Description
Full Motion Beverage is a new age beverage company specializing in the Brand development and marketing of premium brands in the non-alcohol segments of the industry including ice teas, juices, waters, shots, carbonated soft drinks and more.

Performaxx ENERGIZE™
Performaxx ENERGIZE™ is the ultimate 2 oz. energy boost. It is the perfect mid day booster and late night companion that is sugar free, zero carb, fast acting, solution that gives you four to five hours of energy and alertness. ENERGIZE™ is packed with Vitamins B12 and B6 and sold in great tasting orange and lemon-lime. ENERGIZE™ is a perfect balance of energy supplements and vitamins that will keep you alert and focused without the unpleasant effects of crashing that comes from other over caffeinated energy shots.

MOJAVA is a ready to drink black coffee beverage. MOJAVA is the only RTD coffee made without milk. The RTD coffee market is growing massively and MOJAVA is ready to dip into the 1 billion dollar RTD coffee market.

This low floater play looks ready to break out. As always Penny Stock Whispers hears the whispers before the crowd and we believe this will be the next RED HOT STOCK expected to go totally VIRAL! MOJAVA has a unique product in a HUGE MARKET!