Wednesday, 23 May 2012

RTGV - Rtg Ventures

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After many winners with Penny Stock Whispers we have found another stock that is poised to be the next winner. This stock is a OTCQB stock with huge upside potential. With a reverse merger pending and more PR's expected. As always we hear the whispers before the crowd and we would like to pass this stock to VIP members before the masses. We are labelling this our "JADE" pick as this is truely a undiscovered gem.  VIP members we bring to you RTGV.

RTGV Due Diligence Report
RTG Ventures, Inc. is an OTC:QB listed company. RTG Ventures offers Music & Entertainment Technology Solutions and Digital Marketing Services.
Harnessing the strength of its digital marketing agency, that has a trusted reputation over the last 8 years, the company has applied knowledge and technology in developing cutting edge technology platforms for web, mobile and tablet devices. Using Digital Clarity’s application in the Marketing and Social arena, RTG Ventures offers a unique value proposition of intelligent, analytics based technology solutions with the support of an experienced digital marketing team.
Contact Info
What do we do?
RTG Ventures currently operates in 2 main areas:
  • Music & Entertainment Technology Solutions
  • Digital Marketing Services
Our Markets:
RTG Ventures serves the Technology, media, online advertising & marketing, streaming music and social media & entertainment industries.
Our companies & services
RTG Ventures provide products and services within a variety of different vertical sectors and markets.
We provide:
  • Solutions and execution within the online marketing sector
  • Strategy & Consulting within advertising and media
  • Revenue Model planning & consultancy for companies taking a product/service online
  • Music & Entertainment Technology Solutions
  • Search Marketing including PPC (Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter) & SEO (Organic Search)
  • Social Media strategy planning and execution
  • Analytics and
  • Web Design & Development services for Web, tablet and mobile devices
Music & Entertainment Solutions:
Currently, RTG Ventures has two Music platforms audigist360 and pulse station.
Audigist 360:
Audigist is a beta music hosting service that allows artists and bands to sell their music direct to their fans.
Pulse Station:
Pulse Station is a unique social music management platform that is at the very leading edge of music and entertainment technology. The platform allows artists and their management and label to ‘house’ all the artists audio, music & video in one easy to manage environment. The system also allows the ability to upload gigs into a calendar environment and track the effectives of their live performances, PR and social media status and reach.
The ability to manage all activity in one place and index this against data that is displayed in a rich reporting format, allows artists and their respective parties to make critical business decisions that were not always available before. No longer Social media in isolation but, Social Business for the new digital economy.
Digital Marketing Services:
Digital Clarity is the trading brand of Stylar Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of RTG Ventures Inc.
Digital Clarity:
Digital Clarity is a specialist Digital Marketing Agency that has been at the forefront of online marketing. The company is a multi-service digital marketing agency who specialise in creating effective strategies and campaigns for clients and agencies across a wide range of verticals.
Specialising in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media & Digital Measurement, the company works with both major brands and medium sized companies to help leverage online brand presence and customer acquisition. Digital Clarity also delivers consultancy and strategy planning for both client companies and advertising agency partners
Share Structure
Market Value1 $1,032,634 a/o May 14, 2012
Shares Outstanding 573,685,605 a/o Apr 18, 2012
Float 63,000,000 a/o Jun 03, 2011
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Jun 15, 2011