Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Shaka Shoes is a company that once produced shoes, but has now gone into the rapidly expanding solar market business.  The company has changed it's name to RenuEn Corporation, and a website is in the works.  The website is listed below.
We alerted this stock in the 0.0015-0.002 range.We know many facts about this company. Let us share some of those facts with you. First of all the company just filed for a name change and the new name of this company is now "RENUEN Corperation".  The name change will be officially taken place anyday now. This company is in the increasingly profitable solar industry. The great part about this is the company has not offically changed it's name yet but when it does we expect a PR to come out informing everyone. We have also contacted Investor Relations of SHKZ, Micheal Irving and he has confirmed a series of BIG PR's will be released in about 2 weeks from now. We have a target of 1-2 cents in JAN 2012.